General provisions and methods of use of the online shop


1. All rights on the online store, including copyright, ownership, ownership of the site, as well as the forms belong to the Seller, Garighe Srls, and their use may only take place in accordance with the Seller's written regulations and consent.


2. The Seller guarantees the functionality of the online store according to the Customer's needs, using all the most popular web browsers, operating systems, types of devices and high quality Internet connections.


3. The data stored by the "cookies", used by the seller on the Shop Site, never reveal personal data on the basis of which it is possible to establish an individual identity of the Customer. Cookies are used by websites or web applications to improve the online experience. Each Customer can disable the "cookies" mechanism, but it is indicated that disabling "cookies" can cause difficulties or prevent the use of the store's website.


4. In order to place an order in the Online Store through the Site or by e-mail and to use the services available on the Store site, the Customer must have an active e-mail account and an active number.


5. In case of delivery by courier or personal collection of the package at the headquarters, the Customer must be in possession of an identity document.


6. It is forbidden for the Customer to post inappropriate content and use the Online Store, the Site or the free services in a manner contrary to the law.




7. The Seller warns that the public nature of the Internet and the use of electronic services may involve the risk of obtaining and modifying confidential data from unauthorized persons, therefore Customers must use appropriate technical measures to minimize these risks.

The seller will never ask the customer to reveal any form of password.


8. It is not allowed to use the resources and functions of the Online Store by the Customer to carry out activities contrary to the interests of the Seller.






1. The creation of an Account is done through a free registration.


2. Registration is not required to place an order in the online shop.


The registration form is an electronic form provided by the Seller in the online store, which defines the data necessary to identify and register a person interested in having the status of Customer in the store and in the Program, as well as the methods of direct contact.


3. To register, the Customer must fill in the Registration Form, then send it electronically to the Seller, by selecting a specific function. During registration the Client sets an individual password.


4. When completing the registration form, the customer has the opportunity to reread the Regulations, accepting the conditions.


5. The Customer can consent to the processing of his / her personal data for marketing purposes of the Seller's products and services. You can at any time grant and withdraw your consent using the tools provided in your account.


6. In case of refusal of consent to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes, the Customer may revoke his consent at any time by sending a specific Declaration to the Seller. The Declaration can be sent to the Seller's e-mail address.


7. After sending the completed Registration Form, the Customer will receive by e-mail, the confirmation of the registration from the Seller. At this point, an agreement is reached on the provision of the account service electronically, and the Customer obtains free access to the account, receiving the changes made during data registration.




Order procedure




The customer can place orders in the online store via the store website, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. In order to place an order through the Online Store site, the customer must make a request, indicating the products he is interested in. The product is added by selecting the BUY option under the product, presented on the store's website.


After completing the entire order, indicating the delivery method and the payment method, the Customer places the order by sending a form to the Seller, selecting the "Order and payment" option on the store website. Before sending the order, the Customer is informed of the total price of the Product and of the delivery, as well as of all additional costs.


After registering the order, the customer receives an automatic confirmation response by e-mail.


The confirmation includes: the list of products ordered, their price, the cost of delivery and other information on the costs that the Customer is required to pay.



The Customer has the option to pay for the order:

to. in advance, by credit card, at the time of the order

b. in cash, upon receipt of the order from the distributor (courier)



1. The Seller delivers on the territory of the entire country, including the islands.

2. The Seller is obliged to deliver the products without defects.

3. The Seller indicates on the Store Website the number of working days required for delivery and execution of the order.

4. Delivery is made only on working days of the week (excluding holidays).

5. The ordered products are delivered to the Customer via the courier at the address indicated in the order form.

6. On the day of shipment of the products, the Seller sends all information relating to the delivery of the package to the customer's e-mail address.

7. The customer is required to examine the package delivered at the time and place of receipt and, in the event that the product does not arrive at its destination or is defective, has the right to request to open a claim or indicate the parcel anomalies.

8. The Seller may send a request to the Customer's e-mail address in order to carry out the after-sales survey. It is used to examine the customer's opinion on the transaction. The customer is not obliged to complete this questionnaire. He can do it voluntarily.


Complaints and warranty


1. The Seller is obliged to deliver to the Customer the product free from physical or procedural defects. According to the rules of the Civil Code regarding implied warranty, the Seller is liable towards the Customer when the Product sold has physical or procedural defects.

2. The Seller is obliged to replace the defective product with a quality one without creating inconvenience to the Customer.

In the event of product replacement, the Seller has the same obligations for the replaced product as the product originally sold.

3. Any complaint relating to the Product can be sent to the Seller.