When can I file a complaint?


1. When the expiration date has passed.


2. When the product is different from the one purchased. (Exceptions are products whose packaging has been modified by the manufacturer following a rebranding, provided that the functions of this product remain unchanged).


GARIGHE srls assumes responsibility for product defects, which occur at the time of delivery, but is not responsible for new defects caused by improper use.




What rights do I have if I file a complaint?


If the product has a defect, we can agree on compensation in the form of a voucher (discount) or you can withdraw from the sales contract. In this case, send the product back to us and we will refund the purchase price in full.




How do you submit a complaint?


If you have decided to file a complaint for certain products, we invite you to contact us by sending a letter to the e-mail address containing your intention and the reason for submitting the complaint and to attach the evidence in the form of images and / or video showing all the shortcomings of the purchased product.


We will inform you about the progress of the complaint, in particular about its acceptance, processing or rejection, by e-mail. We can also contact you by phone.


Any complaint is resolved without delay. Usually, the resolution of the complaint does not take more than 30 days. To meet this deadline, it is essential that you provide us with the necessary information.


** Please note that hypersensitivity or allergic reaction to the delivered products cannot be considered product defects. Likewise, defects in products offered as gifts or other free services, offered in addition to the order, cannot be considered product defects.

The European Cosmetics Regulation EC 1223/2009 expressly establishes mandatory requirements regarding labeling and clear communication of relevant information on the safety of cosmetics. Each of these aspects must be strictly observed by the manufacturers for any cosmetic product wishing to enter the European market. Two important inclusions under the regulation that some producers and consumers often find confusing are the expiration date and the post-opening period (EAP). Both factors are examined in order to ensure maximum safety for the consumer.


The expiration date of a product is perceived as the period of time during which a product ceases to act as specified by the manufacturer. Essentially, it designates the time period in which it is safe to use and will fulfill the purpose for which it was designed. Depending on the type and nature of the product, the expiration date may vary, this may be due to the following factors:


* How the product is used (interaction with the human body, bacteria, fungi, etc.)


* Where and how the product is stored (temperature and exposure to light)


* Whether the product can dry out or liquefy (change its consistency) over time


* The chemical composition of the product and whether it can lead to the separation of the elements underlying the formula


Pursuant to EC Regulation 1223/2009, if a cosmetic product has a shelf life of less than 30 months, an expiry date must be clearly indicated on the product packaging. In cases where the expiration date exceeds 30 months, it is not necessary to put an expiration date on the package, but a period after opening (PAO) is fixed.




Period After Opening (PAO) refers to the length of time a product will remain stable and safe for use after first opening. As such, it is closely related to the degree of degradation to which a product may be exposed, however, in this case, the decisive point is the moment of first use or when the direct interaction with the consumer took place (and the inevitable risk of microbial contamination in it).


Consumers can differentiate between a product's expiration date and its PAO by paying attention to their hallmarks.


What is the meaning of the notion Batch Code: in industrial terms, this code is the designation, in numbers and / or letters, used to identify and track a batch of identical products that share certain production characteristics (production time , production date, identification code, etc.). The exact information and decryption of the Batch Code can only be provided by the manufacturer, as it is internal coding information.






We answer any questions relating to complaints if you contact us at the e-mail address