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COMPRESSE FIZZY, sparkling footbath tablets.

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Give yourself a treatment of pure relaxation with the sparkling footbath tablets.

Immerse your feet tired in the warm water and do dissolve one or two Fizzy tablets sparkling for bicarbonate and salt rose.

Take it easy! Listening to your favorite music, will complete the work!

For complete treatment, after dried your feet apply the fragrant feet cream to the glycerin.




The precious pink salt has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, in the foot bath it gives relief to swollen and tired feet.

Sodium bicarbonate facilitates the removal of dead skin cells leaving it soft and smooth.

HOW TO USE: Soak your feet up to the ankles in warm water and dissolve one or two Fizzy tablets and the pink salt in them.

Use it as a Wellness Ritual for feet care!

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Compresse Fizzy